What’s Crafted in Northern Colorado That isn’t Beer

March 27, 2020

Northern Colorado is home to a variety of unique companies that strive to make custom crafted products that go way beyond the famous craft beer scene. With a spirit of innovation and community collaboration, it’s expected that a plethora of exclusive products are designed and manufactured right in our backyard. Here’s a list of original start-ups and products that a lot of Northern Colorado residents may not be familiar with:  


If you have a phone or know somebody who has a phone, then you’ve probably heard of OtterBoxOtterBox is a Fort Collins based company that started in a garage back in 1998. Since then, the company has garnered nationwide attention through their waterproof and extremely durable phone cases. They now offer a variety of accessories including coolers, duffle bags, mugs and customizable cases— all perfect for the outdoor explorer! In support of entrepreneurial kids, OtterBox also founded the OtterCares Foundation— an organization made to educate and inspire children to change the world.  

Boo Bicycles 

Ever heard of handcrafted bikes made of bamboo? Boo Bicycle in Fort Collins is dedicated to maximizing the bike-riding experience by using the best bamboo in the world, which increases the durability of the bike and smoothness of the ride. Boo Bicycle’s small team of four is passionate about the craft, prioritizing quality over anything else. Whether you’re looking to commute or be adventurous, their product range has something for every lifestyle! 

Noosa Yoghurt 

Tucked outside of Fort Collins in Bellvue lies one of Colorado’s most delectable yogurt, skillfully crafted by Noosa Yoghurt. Starting out as a small batch at a nearby farm, Noosa commits to creating the most top-notch product using only the freshest milk, honey and fruit. Farm to fridge has never been so accurate. To top it all off, Noosa prides themselves on recycling and repurposing their cardboard boxes, along with using non-GMO ingredients and clean water to irrigate their crops. A company with great values that match their product! 

Art Castings of Colorado 

A unique aspect of Loveland is its thriving arts community lined with bronze sculptures that give the city a lively and vibrant ambience. This is where Loveland based company Art Castings of Colorado comes in. Their job is to provide an ideal space for their highly experienced employees to create sculptures using state-of-the-art equipment and ancient casting processes. Are you an artist seeking a fully equipped foundry to cast your work? Art Castings works closely with artists too, ensuring they receive a professionally finished piece that matches their vision. 

 Nuance Chocolate 

Authentic chocolate is good chocolate. Nuance Chocolate began in the kitchen as a family hobby. Since then, the company expanded to Old Town Fort Collins, flourishing into the success it is today. Nuance Chocolate selects premium cacao beans from across the map to create a mouthwatering tasting experience that leaves you wanting more. Their original products range from single-origin bars to hand-rolled truffles with flavors to satisfy any taste buds! Nuance Chocolate also makes sure to use ethically sourced ingredients so you can enjoy your chocolate at ease. What’s not to like?  

Wild Zora 

A healthy yet satisfying snack is hard to find. That’s why Zora of Wild Zora decided to turn her homemade meat and veggie bars into a full blown business here in Loveland. The company is committed to spreading the message that eating healthier means being happier! They are devoted to using 100% natural, free-range and grass-fed animals; healthy, delicious and ethical. Some of their yummy flavors include Mediterranean lamb, curry masala turkey and parmesan beef—a guilt-free snack without compromising the taste! 


It’s no surprise that such supportive and passionate companies have their roots seeded in Northern Colorado— an area dedicated to providing boundless opportunities.  If you’re Interested in the premium-quality, craft scene that NoCo has to offer, learn more about Northern Colorado’s innovative businesses on our website. Itthe people and the work we do. 

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