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Tired of the grind? Many of us are. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime, and for too many people, it’s not very fulfilling. We want to help you find a career that combines your strengths and your passions. A job that has meaning—that’s not just a means to a living. An energizing environment that makes you want to get up and go every morning. Browse our tools, jobs and major employers below.

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As a place of boundless opportunities, we’ve partnered with PathwayU, a unique resource to help pair your unique gifts with an education, career or job path you will love here in Northern Colorado. Take the assessments to discover more about yourself, model careers that will fulfill your purpose and use the job board to search for jobs that fit.

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Discover a range of open jobs at innovative companies where you can make a life, a living and a difference. Browse open jobs in Northern Colorado by industry below.

Advanced Manufacturing

Join one of the fastest growing industries in Northern Colorado with a job—in everything from production to marketing to HR—at one of our leading manufacturing companies.

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Groundbreaking cures and preventions are born right here in Northern Colorado, home to nine federal science, research, and engineering facilities, including the Center for Disease Control. And Colorado State University is a leader in the biosciences.

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Creative Industries

Northern Colorado’s artists, entrepreneurs and innovators are employed by some of the coolest companies out there in everything from literary performing, and visual arts to design.

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Northern Colorado is nationally ranked for its share of employment in traditional fuels and clean energy, the full package – oil and natural gas, bio energy, wind and solar power, and energy research.

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Food & Agriculture

A leading producer of meat, cheese and brews, Northern Colorado is an agricultural heavyweight that serves as a home of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Health & Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is part of the culture in Northern Colorado. Our healthcare facilities focus on education, research and preventive and diagnostic treatment across a range of disciplines.

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Information Technology

Northern Colorado is a ‘work bench’ for Silicon Valley with a significant tech employer concentration and intellectual property production. The regional is a surprising hotspot for technology jobs and innovation.

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