Northern Colorado Companies with the Most Unique Work Perks

May 8, 2020

When it comes to professional opportunities, Northern Colorado has your back. NoCo has an abundance of workplaces with unique perks that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning! Additionally, with its wide array of industries, Northern Colorado is not lacking in the job market. If you’re having trouble deciding exactly where you want to work, this list is for you. Below are a handful of companies in the area with exceptional benefits. Your job hunt just got a little easier!  

Numerica Corp.  

The Location: Fort Collins 

The Industry: Information Science 

The Story: Numerica is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to technical challenges. The combination of principled research, systems engineering, data analysis and software development has proved to be a successful means to company growth and customer satisfaction. If math, engineering or computer science is a passion of yours, Numerica may be right up your alley!  

The Perks: Numerica prides itself on honing a work-hard, play-hard environment. This means hosting group events including summer family picnics and monthly birthday parties, not to mention the free monthly massages. Additionally, new employees receive MacBook Pros and health club membership reimbursement. Sign me up! 


Loveland Ski Area 

The Location: Loveland 

The Industry: Snowsports 

The Story: Loveland Ski Area gives you an excuse to visit Colorado in the winter! Loveland is the ideal location for those who want a simple and authentic ski/ride experience. Get a Season Pass for the ultimate exploration of Loveland’s terrain, or choose the Loveland Pass Card for less of a commitment. Either way you’ll enjoy a fun winter escape on the slopes! The Loveland Ski family welcomes every employee with open arms. If skiing is already a big part of your life—you might be ready to join. 

The Perks: Not only do you receive a free Loveland Employee Season Pass, but you also get free or discounted skiing at over 30 other ski areas. These perks are irresistible for the avid skier. And if that’s not enticing enough, Loveland Ski Area also offers discounts with local businesses, a free employee shuttle along the I-70 corridor, and of course ski/ride breaks.

New Belgium Brewing 

The Location: Fort Collins 

The Industry: Brewing 

The Story: The opening of New Belgium Brewing in 1988 was an impactful steppingstone in the rise of craft beer in Fort Collins. It started with an inspiring bike trip through Belgium and grew into one of the largest breweries in Colorado. It’s wide selection of beers has something for everyone, while their tours inform and bring beer-lovers together. Working at New Belgium Brewing means being committed to improving environmental standards in brewing and, of course, having a passion for beer. 

The Perks: Work anniversaries are important, and New Belgium proves it. After one year of working, you receive a limited release Fat Tire Cruiser bike. After five years, a one-week trip to Belgium to expand your knowledge. The years to follow include travel vouchers and paid sabbaticals. Other sweet extras include 12-pack of Employee beer a week, local discounts, exclusive merch and so much more. It might be time to apply! 


YMCA of the Rockies 

The Location: Estes Park 

The Industry: Youth Development 

The Story: The YMCA has been servicing the youth for over 150 years by offering community and health/wellness programs to strengthen families and children. The YMCA of the Rockies has plenty of acres for outdoor recreation and relaxation on the eastern slope, and 5,000 acres of snow in the winter on the western slope. This recreation center is perfect for kids and families alike, and anyone who simply wants to work, live and play on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.  

The Perks: The employee experience is yet another reason to visit the YMCA of the Rockies. Seasonal employees enjoy weekly pay, room & board, access to all facilities, free gear rentals, discounted trips and free passes for any outdoor activity. Mountain biking? Skiing? Golf? They have it all. If you’re an outdoor junkie, consider working at the ultimate playground! 


Otter Products 

The Location: Fort Collins 

The Industry: Consumer Electronics 

The Story: Otter Products is committed to creating the highest quality protective products for smartphones, and now a plethora of other products including ‘worst case scenario’ proof cases, backpacks and hiking accessories. Since its early stages in 1998, Otter Products has seen company growth and consumer loyalty, largely due to the durability of their products. Working at Otter Products means being part of a passionate family! 

The Perks: Being ranked as a “Great Place to Work” by Fortune, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine might be motivation enough to work at Otter Products. Unique benefits to working here include social/networking clubs, bike to work day, Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, blood drives, onsite fitness facilities and/or classes, participating in the OtterCares Foundation and much more!  


It’s no surprise that the companies in Northern Colorado prioritize your experience and success, while also providing boundless opportunities. If this list piqued your interest in the work perks that NoCo has to offer, learn more about Northern Colorado’s workforce on our website! 

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