Make It A Date

May 25, 2022

Undecided about date night?  Check out some out-of-the-ordinary options.

You’ve finished your workday. Dinner and a movie make for a perfectly pleasing way to spend an evening out with your significant other. But thankfully, you get so much more to choose from when you’re planning a date night (or afternoon) in Northern Colorado.

From performing arts to private cooking classes to watching sunsets from a brewpub patio, you’ve got ample options for a charming get-together.

Entertainment everywhere

National recording artists. Broadway touring acts. Orchestras. Opera. Dance. Theater. Comedy.

It seems that on any given night, there is some form of performing arts taking the stage in Northern Colorado. If you keep an eye on venues such as The Comedy Fort (Fort Collins), The Lincoln Center (Fort Collins), the Rialto (Loveland), Union Colony Civic Center (Greeley), Washington’s (Fort Collins) or Mishawaka (Poudre Canyon), you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes if not tonight, then in the near future.

Epicurean experiences

Dining can be a form of entertainment all its own. Fort Collins and the surrounding area offer a full menu of edible excellence. In fact, Chimney Park Bistro in Windsor recently earned a ranking of the top 100 restaurants in the country from OpenTable. Or how about little – the aptly named culinary creation in Fort Collins? They’re among the many places where you’ll want to linger longer over dinner. But who knows? Maybe you’ll still have time to catch a late-night flick?

Lunar adventure

Seeing a full moon over Fort Collins is quite a sight to see, and a quite a memorable experience for you and your significant other. To help you plan, here’s the upcoming lunar calendar for Northern Colorado.

Ask around and you may get different opinions about the best spot to see the moon emerge on the eastern horizon. But you can’t go wrong heading to Horsetooth Reservoir and stopping along Centennial Drive where it crosses Dixon Dam.

Drinks with a view

If moonrise is not your preference, how about sunsets? It’s hard to beat basking in the pastels of a Colorado sunset with your favorite person next to you and your favorite beverage in front of you. And you don’t need to look too far to find a brewpub, like Intersect Brewing or a restaurant that includes a patio or picture window with western exposure. Go explore, and don’t forget sunscreen!

For a unique treat, try the Sunset Lounge on top of The Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins. It’s a cool place for a classy cocktail at any hour. But if you time it right, you get one of the best sunsets in town.

Recreational rendezvous

Chances are, one of the reasons you live here is for the access to outdoor recreation. Hiking, fishing, skiing, climbing, rafting, and more. But there are some more ways to combine exercise with a night out for two. 

Depending on your interests, there’s also bowling, ax throwing or miniature golf for lighthearted activities. For more intense outings, you can join a co-ed sports league. Options include kickball, softball, soccer, and volleyball.

Have fun planning an out-of-the-ordinary date night right here in Northern Colorado!

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