Hip, Hip(ster), Hooray?: Fort Collins Makes List of Best Cities for Hipsters in America

October 21, 2021

Fort Collins ranked fourth on’s list of Best Cities for Hipsters in America, one notch ahead of Berkeley, Calif. and no, Boulder is not on the list. Hipsters not only want to live here, but they also want to work here and are an essential part of our economy.

Not sure what it means to be a hipster? Well, if you live in Fort Collins, just look around. They apparently are all around you. Or perhaps you consider yourself one?

With criteria that includes bike-a-ability, access to hipster-friendly businesses (brewpubs, coffee shops, hip workspaces, etc.), rental prices for studio apartments, and the percentage of residents in that hipster-ish age group (20-34), it’s understandable how Fort Collins might score well. Seattle sits at the top of the rankings, which covered 150 cities.

If you’re ready to set up shop in Northern Colorado, we’ve got some good news: Rent prices are the second-lowest among’s top 10. You’ll pay around $1,150 a month for a studio here.


Following is the list of Best Cities for Hipsters in America:

1 – Seattle, Wash.

2 – Minneapolis, Minn.

3 – Tempe, Ariz.

4 – Fort Collins

5 – Berkeley, Calif.

6 – (tie)Washington, D.C., and Ann Arbor, Mich.

8 – Portland, Ore.

9 – (tie) Madison, Wisc., and San Francisco, Calif.


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