Five Winter Festivals

November 24, 2021

Northern Colorado is one of the best places in the U.S. to work and live. There is an abundance of things to do within a short distance.  But there are a plethora of opportunities throughout Colorado to take advantage of our winter sunshine, so start thinking about your plans now.  And you don’t have to be a skier or boarder to enjoy these.  (But if you are, you may enjoy these events a little more.)

Below are some ideas for fun-filled weekend festivals.

December 9-12, 2021 – Ullr Festival in Breckenridge

Grab your Viking hats and celebrate all things winter at the 58th annual Ullr Fest, December 9-12. Breckenridge invites locals and visitors of all ages to honor Ullr, the Norse god of snow. Ullr was rumored to be an accomplished skier who was so fast that he created the stars in the night sky as he flew past on his skis.  Though very skilled, Ullr guarded his knowledge closely and refused to show the other gods how to ski.

January 13-16, 2022 – Wintersköl in Aspen  

Aspen’s annual “toast to winter” began 60 years ago when locals decided to celebrate Aspen’s alpine lifestyle with an eclectic weekend of festivities. Traditionally, the four-day celebration features concerts, a canine fashion show, a torchlight descent down Aspen Mountain followed by a bonfire and fireworks.

January 24-30, 2022 – International Snow Sculptures Championships

A family favorite – Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Championships is a world-renowned snow sculpting competition where 12 teams from around the world hand-carve 20-ton blocks of snow into enormous, intricate works of art. Artists are only allowed to use hand tools, creativity and inspiration to bring their ideas to life. Historic downtown Breckenridge transforms into an outdoor art gallery.

February 9-13, 2022 – Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs

One of the oldest winter festivals in the United States, The Steamboat Winter Carnival is a historic event that has been listed as one of the Top Ten Winter Carnivals in the World by National Geographic. For over a century, it highlights Steamboat’s western and ski heritage. Enjoy the famous Lighted Man in his pyrotechnic suit, shooting fireworks, skiers jumping through the fiery hoop and a barrage of fireworks.

March 18-20, 2022 – Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland

Known as one of the most unique and quirky festivals in the country, Frozen Dead Guy Days continues to be a world-renowned spectacle. This home-grown festival pays homage to Norwegian Bredo Morstoel (aka Grandpa), frozen in a state of suspended animation and housed in a Tuff Shed on dry ice high above Nederland.

Make sure to visit these websites to ensure these festivals are still occurring and for COVID guidelines. Then, make some memories and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle.

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