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Fiberlok Technologies, Inc.

November 3, 2021
“Innovation Applied”: It’s more than a tagline — it’s what we do. FiberLok Technologies has provided dimensional graphics from its Northern Colorado factory for decades. Graphic embellishments that have been featured at major sporting events and on global brand apparel, worldwide delivery company uniforms, top-tier public safety outerwear and leading entertainment costumes.
FiberLok Owner and CEO AJ Steger answers a few of our questions about the company and how it offers a variety of opportunities to keep our local workforce engaged.
FiberLok was created in 1979 to manufacture a category of graphic products that combines the precision and speed of ink-printing with the full dimension achieved with embroidery, but in longer lasting, richer, more comfortable replications.
As technology has advanced to allow individuals greater visibility into the nuances of sporting events and personal security, image is everything. Only FiberLok’s dimensional graphics offer upscale, counterfeit-resistant graphic reproductions that focus attention where it belongs — on the athletes, products and service providers underneath. Our quality commitment to our customers allows us to create designs that are compelling, durable, trustworthy and comfortable to wear.
When I purchased this company two years ago, I had been looking for an opportunity to lead an organization that provided a unique product or service and that had potential to grow across markets. I found that in FiberLok.
Our employees create such unique products that are colorful and provide visual distinction wherever they’re applied. Every day is different. It’s exciting for us to see items we’ve personally touched used throughout the world… often seen on national and international media outlets.
Staff are proud to talk about the big-name companies we’ve worked with and point out high-profile applications of what they had a hand in creating.
We’re proud of the fact that we manufacture in the United States. We don’t outsource. This way, we keep locals engaged and active in our own backyard.
We strive hard to create a welcoming culture and comfortable workplace — with leisure areas inside and out — for those who offer us their time and talents. There’s an important role in our community for individuals willing to learn trades and labor for the greater good of making what people want and need.
In addition, we’re proud of the commitment we’ve made, as an employer, to United Way of Larimer County (tagged). We’re honored to have received their Spirit of Giving Award. It’s important for us to support our community. That starts with us taking care of our people, offering a variety of employment opportunities (from entry level to highly skilled), listening to their needs and giving back anyway we can.

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