Best Places to Dream, Scheme and Connect Over Your Next Big Idea

August 14, 2020

Here’s some food for thought: Walk into any one of the coffee shops or meeting spaces in Northern Colorado, and you’ll likely find a higher concentration of brainpower there than anywhere else in the nation. Maybe it’s the Rocky Mountain air, but there’s something special about this region that makes it the perfect place to work those brain cells and bring a great idea to life. Whether you’re building a startup or planning your career, here are the best places for brainstorming and networking in Northern Colorado. 

Coffee for contemplation and creativity 

For those who need a warm cup of joe to keep their creative juices flowing, the coffee shops in Northern Colorado come in all shapes and sizes – with each one offering a unique ambience that’s sure to accommodate the most particular of tastes. 

Serious coffee connoisseurs can marvel at the high-tech brewing methods of Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, a local favorite run by Jessup Farms, or enjoy the pour-over and home-roasted varieties of Harbinger Coffee. 

At Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland, customers can meet over coffee in an atmosphere that inspires creativity. Bean Cycle Roasters, meanwhile, shares its space with community arts organizations to foster collaborative networking in Northern Colorado. 

As the “most eclectic café in Northern Colorado,” Alleycat Coffee House is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – making it a welcome home to early birds and night owls alikeAnd finally, the Little Bird Bakeshop offers a vintageWiFi-free atmosphere that’s perfectly suited to a casual meet-up or old-fashioned pen-to-paper session.  

Find your brew buds 

Producing more than 70 percent of the state’s craft beer, Northern Colorado has earned its title as the Craft Beer Capital of Colorado. Happy hour seekers and brew enthusiasts can connect over a beer at one of the 33 breweries that dot the region: from New Belgium Brewing Co., the nation’s fourth largest craft brewer, to community-driven establishments like Crow Hop Brewing Co. and Horse & Dragon Brewing Company. 

Looking for something slightly stronger? Northern Colorado is also home to 13 top-notch distilleries and cocktail bars that offer signature drinks and unique opportunities to meet new people – whether it’s over the sweeping rooftop views of Sunset Lounge, in the relaxed atmosphere of Social or while sipping a spirit sourced from pure Rocky Mountain water at Spring44. 

Where innovation meets community 

Now more than ever before, young professionals are able to capitalize on the abundant resources of Northern Colorado to build careers across a wide range of industries. A diverse collection of meeting spaces in Northern Colorado serve as vibrant hotspots of opportunity that combine the region’s rich spirit of community with its nation-leading network of innovation, connectivity and entrepreneurial initiatives. 

From music festivals to bike tours, there is always something exciting happening in Old Town Fort Collins. The downtown district features a host of potential meeting spots including fine dining businesses like Café Vino and Sonny Lubick Steakhouse or event facilities like Block One and The Lincoln Center. 

The rise of coworking spaces has led to an upsurge of opportunities for networking in Northern Colorado, especially among young professionals. Businesses like Cohere CoworkingSpaces and the Articulate are leading the way to reinvent the region’s culture of work while building on the vast pool of opportunity that already sets Northern Colorado apart. 

Explore more opportunities for networking in Northern Colorado 

From eclectic coffee shops to innovative coworking spaces, there is no shortage of out-of-the-box meeting spaces in Northern Colorado where you can connect with like minds and inject a fresh breath of mountain air into your next big idea. Check out our website to learn more about the benefits of working in Northern Colorado. 

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