Northern Colorado Spotlight

Jaime Henning

President and CEO | Greeley Chamber of Commerce, Visit Greeley

Jaime Henning is originally from Lincoln, NE. After working there for 19 years, she moved to Greeley for its Midwest-feel, as well as its growth as an emerging city. Now, she’s helping people get connected to the region, and collaborating with those around her.

Giving a voice to innovation and ideas is at the core of Jamie’s work. Her fulfillment comes from advocacy work, which she has greatly been a part of in Northern Colorado. For Jaime, contributing to something bigger than herself is part of the appeal.

As President and CEO, Jaime spends time working on next-generation leadership, which she is very passionate about. Additionally, she helps companies tell their story on how they contribute to what NoCo has to offer. In other words, working together is the foundation of the chamber’s mission. Her enjoyment also comes from giving back to professional associations, including the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

People are special, really warm and welcoming, says Jaime. In Greeley, you can sit down and have coffee with the mayor. People are approachable and generous in spirit.

Weekends are for the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, cycling and golfing are all on the table. And when it reaches that hour, cocktails at the Stanley Hotel are a must.

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