Hire Me. Connect My Partner.

We’re Here to Help

Are you considering a job opportunity in a new location? Are you also concerned about your partner finding a job when you get there?  You aren’t alone. Nearly 60%* of all job relocations are impacted by a spouse or partner’s employment opportunities in the new location.

Hire Me. Connect My Partner. is a service designed specifically to assist your partner in finding their next job opportunity when you arrive in Northern Colorado. We take the time to get to know your partner’s professional background and to connect them with potential employment opportunities.

Benefits of Hire Me. Connect My Partner.

One-on-one, customized review of jobs available within Northern Colorado 

  • Connections and networking opportunities with local employers 
  • Access to labor market information 
  • Personalized career strategies 
  • Résumé reviews, résumé creation, and cover letter assistance 
  • Interview preparation 
  • An established account with a database that features local and state-wide jobs 

Let’s get started! 

Contact us at: (970) 498-6696 or connectmypartner@larimer.org